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Most Unusual Birthday Gifts For Cannabis Lovers!

Getting someone a birthday gift isn’t always the easiest, as there is a near-endless list of options to choose from. In general, a safe bet is to get something related to their hobby, whether it be playing sports or reading books.

But what if the person is a cannabis lover? What sorts of things should you consider getting for their birthday?

While you could simply pick them up some pre-rolls or their favorite strain, you can be more creative than that. With that in mind, this blog post is going to go over some of the most unusual birthday gifts for cannabis lovers.


A Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, as there are boxes for food, clothing, alcohol, beauty products and yes, cannabis. These cannabis subscription boxes are full of the right equipment your cannabis-loving friend needs to partake in their favorite pastime. They can include glass pieces, one hitters, pipes, rolling papers, grinders and a variety of others. The products included are high-quality and premium in nature, too. You can send them a single box, or even set them up on a subscription so they will get one every month. The boxes will show up discreetly and are sure to please,.


A Cannabis Cookbook

While smoking or vaping cannabis are probably the most popular ways to consume, they are far from the only ones. For example, many people decide to eat their cannabis. Cannabis oils can be added to a variety of different foods that are both delicious and medicated. There are even cannabis restaurants that have begun popping up, as well. If you think your friend would like to get into some culinary creation with cannabis, a cannabis cookbook is a great option to consider. There are cookbooks for savory dishes, baking and even beverages. Each can contain dozens of delicious meals that will do more than just taste good. Of course getting them some pre-made food items or CBD gummies from a provider like Happy Hemp is a good idea, as well.

A Cannabis Cookbook


New Accessories

A subscription box is great for getting some smaller accessories for your friend, but if they know they want something in particular, getting them could be a smart idea. For example, if they want a new bong, a new vape pen or even some cannabis-related clothing, these are great gifts to give. These can be found online in droves, but there may also be some local shops that sell them. Of course, be sure to treat these accessories with respect before you gift them, as many of them can be easily broken or damaged.


A Carrying/Storage Case

In order to have the next experience, you need to keep weed fresh. A big part of keeping weed fresh is storing it correctly. It needs to be kept away from humidity that is too high and also too low. Not only will storage protect your weed and keep it fresh, it will also lessen the cannabis scent that follows many users around. Also, many of these cases look incredible and make it easy to transport all of your gear, while also keeping it safe. If your friend doesn’t already have a quality carrying case and/or storage container,  they can make a great gift. There are several choices out there, so be sure to choose one that they will like the look of, but also one that will perform its functions well.


Pot Stocks – Help them invest in weed

Just that. Put $50 into a pot stock and let it grow.


In conclusion, the cannabis lover in your life is sure to love any of these unusual birthday gifts.


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